Celtic Cross
The Creation Caching symbol is the Celtic Cross

Creation Caching is a high-tech treasure hunting game. It is an offshoot of the popular Geocaching™ game. The game involves searching for caches around the countryside. Most are easy to find, and close to highways, but some require a walk.

The reason for a specifically creationist cache is simply because of virtual caches. In these caches, a physical cache does not exist, but an educational purpose is fulfilled, by the finder responding to a number of questions posed by the cache-hider. On the geocaching subsidiary site, earth-cache, these caches, while fun to do, tend to be evolutionary in content. As I am known to be a web developer, as well as a creation speaker and educationalist, I was contacted by people wishing to see a specifically creationist type of cache. This is what you now have at this site.

For information on how to get into the game of Creation Caching, click on the ‘About’ link above, and follow the informational instructions.