About Creation Caching

Celtic Cross
The Creation caching symbol is the Celtic Cross

As stated on the home page, creation caching is a high-tech treasure-hunting game. It has been developed from, and uses the open source technology of, Geocaching™ – an activity operated by the company Groundspeak.

A cache is hidden at a set of co-ordinates, identified by longitude and latitude. These co-ordinates can pinpoint the location of the cache to within a few feet. It is usual for players to carry with them handheld GPS location devices. Today, such devices are very common indeed, because almost all smartphones contain this capability, and there are a variety of apps for these phones which use this capability to provide extra services.

The cache itself is usually a waterproof container. Typically, it will be something like a tupperware sealed container. Inside, there will be a logbook, a pen or pencil, a notice explaining the hobby to non-hobbyists (often referred to within the hobby as “muggles”) and a number of inexpensive gifts for exchange purposes. The player signs and dates the logbook. They may take a gift item, but only if they place one of their own in the cache in exchange. The player then replaces the logbook and pen and carefully reseals the cache, and re-hides it in exactly the same place as they found it. It is helpful for the purposes of the game that all this activity is done surreptitiously, so as not to give away the location to possible observing players, or wreckers.

Other pages on the About menu explain about the different types of caches, and the equipment and software that users might find useful.