Placing a Cache

Before I place a cache, I have previously checked out the area to see if it is a good one. Check that the place where you are going to put the cache will be safe, and will not be causing any cache finders to damage or trespass. Remember that this is a respectful game. Also check that the cache can be suitably hidden. The cache should not be too easy to find. Especially, it should not be capable of being easily found by those who are not part of the game.

Then, I go back and prepare my cache, depending on what size cache that I want.

When the cache is hidden, you need the GPS coordinates. You should approach your cache from several different directions, with your GPS equipment, to ensure that you have accurate coordinates.


If you are using a smartphone, then you might find it useful to have an app installed which will give you suitable coordinates. I use “GPS Coordinates”. It has a plain screen that easily reads the coordinates in a variety of formats. This site will need the degree-decimal format. I usually use the copy feature from this app, and copy the coordinates into Evernote – another very useful phone app.

When you have all the information you need, and you have hidden your cache, you are ready to create a cache page back on the website.