Preparing a Cache

If the cache that you are preparing is going to be a physical cache – i.e. a container – then make sure you have all the “ingredients” that you need.

Prepared Creation cache
A Prepared creation cache

Creation Cache contents
Creation Cache contents

You need a container. For a traditional cache, a plastic seal-able food container, such as is used to store sandwiches, will work well. Inside the cache, you will need:

  • A log book
  • A pen or pencil
  • An explanatory leaflet
  • Trinkets or favors for exchange
  • Seal-able bags to hold these items, to provide double waterproof protection.

The log book can really be anything at all. A small notebook can be used. For micro caches, this might even be a roll of paper. Indeed, micro caches may not have room for any of the other items mentioned here! Don’t worry about it – mention this in the Creation Cache Page when you write it up. Maybe you should include the code BYOP (Bring Your Own Pen!)

The explanatory leaflet explains the game to anyone who chances upon your cache. Write your own explanation, or use the one linked here. There is also a printable log book linked here.


Don’t spend a lot of money on the trinkets or favors! These are just for fun. I just bought some party favors from Dollar Tree that included about 4 or 5 favors for a dollar. When I lived in the UK, I found that Tesco sold party packs like this. I tend to put 2 favors initially in a cache – so a $1 investment is good for 2 caches! (I also bought the food containers from Dollar Tree, in packs of 2!).

It is always best to have carefully prepared your cache before you go to place it.